Fire Investigation Interviews

Interviews of Firefighters

Fire investigation is important in establishing the origin and cause of fire with the aim of preventing future occurrences. Fire investigators prefer to interview fire personnel as their first responded to the scene. The interviews always involve logical and methodical question. The possible question includes:

1. What was the color of the smoke?

The color of the smoke help investigator to determine what is burning for example gasoline produces yellow or white smoke and this may raise suspicion of large storage of gas in the house

2. Were there defective standpipes, alarm systems, hydrants, or sprinkler systems?

The question helps fire investigator whether to direct plumbing and other trade experts to evaluate the house for signs of damage.

3. What was the condition of the windows and doors?

Breakage in the windows and door may signify forced entry or staged scene. Open door and the window could point to an attempt to ventilate the house to allow the fire to spread. Blocked door and the window could indicate an attempt to conceal fire until it starts destroying the building.

4.Were there any strange signs on how the fire was burning?

A fire that rapidly spread could indicate the use of accelerants. Flashes, multiple points of origin and explosions could show incendiary devices.

5. Where there any familiar faces at the incident?

Most arsonist like watching the fire and it could be possible that the firefighters have seen a person in several fire incidents. If a person has been seen in many events, then investigator would interview the person for more clarification.

6. Was the structure containing household items or business equipment usually expected to be present?

            The absence of ordinary household stuff’s would symbolize that were removed before the start of the fire and this would signify planned fire. The evident given by the removal of items provide the investigator with proof that there was intent to commit arson.