Things You Will Only Understand If You Are a Literature Student

After some time spent among fellow friends, the literature student will notice that the bond between them was created instantly by an invisible hand. That one hand that needs to push them all to a reality check. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Read on to find out what makes literature students so “special”.

There is a lot of literary criticism out there

For most people, literary criticism is not something they hear that much about. But for the ones in the industry, it might be hard to fathom why there are so many literary criticism books and texts for a single author. Only after digging a bit more in the criticism section of the library can a literature student have an answer. The good part is that they will start the digging process in the first or second week of the course.

Complicated words

Reading will open a new world full of rarely-to-never used words that will enrich the literature student’s vocabulary. Every time he or she will throw one extremely fancy word in front of his/her parents, they will literally blossom. After all, this is one way of seeing the good money that went into their children’s studies.

Their teachers and classmates will look at them with admiration; they are, for sure, growing wiser! Maybe they should not act in the same way in front of other people, as some will mistake the fancy word for a vulgar one or they won’t understand the meaning. These people can’t be blamed; the main role of communication is to make the message clear for the receiver.

Time dilates

How many books should be read? How many essays should be written in how many lifetimes? The answers are too many and too many in around two weeks. Jokes aside, the only way to get better at something is to work a lot. Sometimes, it might seem overwhelming, as the tasks are time-consuming. Imagine having to read 2-3 books of 300 pages each and write 2 essays based on them in just one week.

Becoming a know-it-all

All those books have made the literature students experts in everything. They start to feel confident, maybe a bit over-confident with the new-found expertise in cleaning from Cinderella, in sports from Harry Potter or every other work that takes the reader from war strategy to politics and psychology. They will get over it faster than the blink of an eye.

All the survival tricks

When time forgets to expand considerably, every literature student will do his/her best to stay alive by trying some of the existent tricks.

Technology is the biggest ally of a literature student and it’s no shame in this. Of course, there are also the classic tricks, like using colors to emphasize the main information in a notebook or a book. Anything that helps should be used.

Literature is useless

For a considerable number of people, a degree in literature is useless and they will mention this as many times as possible to any literature student. Besides considering literature studies as an extension of a book club, they probably think that there are not so many skills that can be developed, let alone use in a workplace. Luckily for the literature students, these people are wrong.

As you can see, being a literature student has its own struggles, but it is an exciting adventure and a possibility to immerse in other dimensions that expand the horizons. And this is what you should keep in mind and not what other people think.

Tamara Fowler